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In 1890, William James first introduced the idea of neuroplasticity... meaning human beings are able to rewire their brains through positive thought. I know you're thinking one of two things here: 1). WOW, NERD ALERT or 2). I just came here to look at wood signs, thank you... but this is important! So if you remember just one thing today - Be thankful, grateful and blessed. It makes all the difference people



  • Offered in white with a kona stained frame. 
  • Measurements: Medium (13x13")
  • Shipments are sent through Canada Post regular mail. Transit times are approximate due to customs or other variables, please check your tracking number for a more accurate timeframe. 



Please note that Windsor - Rose is not responsible for any damaged or lost goods during shipping. There will be no refunds or replacements offered. 

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed